UV Gullas College Campus (UVGCM)

These days the UV Gullas College of Medicine has grown into an eight-campus, province huge system of higher education and lower level laboratory schools. There are two campuses in Cebu metro city, the main college campus in the downtown Cebu town place and a laboratory high school in Pardo. The main campus in Cebu metropolis, with a six multi-story building together with a gymnasium, occupies almost one city block bounded by Colon, d. Jakosalem and Sanciangko streets.

The college of dentistry and nursing are located in a separate campus in Banilad, Mandaue city at the site of Vicente Gullas memorial hospital and the UV Gullas College of Medicine. The UVGCM Mandaue campus (formerly mandaue academy) is placed in downtown Cambaro, Mandaue city.

The university of the Visayas was founded by the former late Don Vicente A. Gullas in 1919 as the Visayan Institute (V.I.) in Cebu town. The 2nd World War demolishes to the ground the physical facilities of the V.I. at its original site. Undaunted through adversities, Don Vicente reopened classes in Argao, Cebu in 1946. A year later the V.I. replaced back to its current site in Colon Street, Cebu city.

College Infrastructure

In 1948, the Visayan Institute was awarded university repute; the first become a university in Cebu, and become renamed the University of the Visayas. Seeing that then the enlargement in its baccalaureate and post graduate course offerings and in its physical facilities has been fantastic. From a preliminary enrollment of 37 students the V.I. evolved right into a college with an enrollment of 30,000 distributed all through its campuses. Its alumni have prominent themselves in government service and public administration, and the professions of law, engineering and architecture, pharmacy, medicine, nursing, training, criminology, maritime and nautical, computer studies, sports, sciences and the arts also.

In current years the growth of UV Gullas College of Medicine is high with quality infrastructure for laboratories, modern day lecture rooms, library and health care hospitals. International students from different international locations attain the college for enquiry about medicine as current day overall performance of the college is high-quality. Uv Gullas college of Medicine commonly focuses on International students for medicine as the excellent of education and training provided is of international standards. Students from various part of the world especially from India reach this school for their training and education that is widely recognized for quality and education standard .

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