Welcome to UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine

One of the world's premier academic and research institutions, the UV Gullas College of Medicine has driven new ways of thinking since our 1919 founding. We offer students high quality teaching and research in a safe and friendly setting for their studies, the perfect place to learn and grow.

UV Gullas College of Medicine
About UV Gullas College of Medicine

we have created many skilled, professional and caring doctors.

UV Gullas College of Medicine
College Infrastructure

The growth of UV Gullas College of Medicine is high with quality infrastructure.

UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine belongs to the Royal Family and hence excels in academic.

UV Gullas College of Medicine

Two campuses in Cebu City,one downtown Cebu City and laboratory in Pardo.

UV Gullas College of Medicine
UV Gullas College of Medicine
Why study Medicine in abroad?

Our services depend on philosophy of Amor,Servitium,Humanitas,Leadership.

UV Gullas College of Medicine
Pros of studying MBBS in Philippines

They select are approved by the Commission on MCI.

UV Gullas College of Medicine
Lady Josefina R. Gullas

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UV Gullas College of Medicine
Board of Trustees

The last authority in all matters affecting the institution federal governments.


UV Gullas College of Medicine

Medical education is tough, but deciding on the right college would not need to be. In case you are a top scholar seeking out a top- ratedcollege, this listing should provide you with an excellent idea of where to use. Even though many Philippines medical colleges do no longer take delivery of worldwide college students for medicine, most of the best ones do.

Selecting the professional college is almost as essential as deciding on the best principal. Studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine, our object to qualify for students for personal achievement and direct usefulness in lifestyles; And our functions to promote the public welfare through exercise a power in behalf of humanity and civilization teaching the blessings of liberty regulated with the aid of regulation and inculcating love and reverence for the notable standards of authorities as derived from the inalienable rights of man to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness

  • Similar tropical weather as India
  • Graduation Station for International Students in Middle English
  • Scholarship for foreign students
  • Quality of English classes
  • 100% VISA & counseling help
  • More than 90% success rate in MCI screening test
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Our Departments

UV Gullas College of Medicine

Welcome to the Department of UVGCM.

About UV Gullas College of Medicine

Welcome to the faculty of medicine at the UV Gullas college of medicine, having celebrated over 99 years of medicine at the college, we have created many skilled, professional and caring doctors and scientists, and have led cutting aspect research in areas as diverse as most cancers, osteoporosis, asthma, and nutrition. Our aim is to prepare new doctors equipped for the modern health service, with patient care their first priority and make them to meet the challenges of medical field in the 21st century.

  •   World Health Organization (WHO).
  •   International Medical Education Directory (IMED).
  • US Education Department.


To recruit and develop the world's maximum promising students and most outstanding team of staffs and be a truly worldwide college reaping rewards society as whole. Be the go-to expert carrier for complete, credible and insightful facts, advice and steering on any factor of student recruitment, admissions, pre-arrival and induction, and widening participation

  •   Continuously expand and improve the services we provide, recognizing and anticipating the converting wishes and expectations of our stakeholders.


The mission of our university is to make contributions to society through the pursuit of education, getting to know and research at the very best worldwide tiers of excellence. Next is to lead the design, development and implementation of the University Student Recruitment, admissions, pre-arrival and induction, and widening participation.

  •    We try this by making effective use of research and market intelligence and providing each internal and external stakeholders with professional statistics, advice and steering, empowering them to make desirable choices.


UV Gullas College of Medicine belongs to the royal circle of family and hence excels in presenting educational by using broadening the student view via making ready them to face the career challenges. The students are made to be splendid personality’s through the continuous learning method at the side of the leadership talent development. UV Gullas holds the principles of love and humanity carrier based totally at the education regarding the community development along with the socio-economic development packages.

  •    Become a base for the education of competent and innovative professionals in the field of Philippines medicine.

Course Offered

The administrative office holds the duty in processing the student application such that the application satisfies the entrance needs. They confirm the ability of the pupil conducting the exams inclusive of Aptitude Test, psychological and diagnostic test. Students who are eligible for the scholarships are assisted with monetary aid.

  •    ORIGINAL Copy of Form 138/Report Card
  •    Certified true copy of Birth Certificate
  •    Original copy of Certificate of Good Moral Character
  •    Four (4) pcs 2x2 colored picture
  •    Passport

MBBS in Abroad

Every year, thousands of Indian medical students face the high challenge of getting admission in a very good medical facility for higher studies. Few students manipulate to clear the entrance assessments for government universities while others preserve searching for options in private universities.

  •    To clear MCI screening test / FMGE Exam
  •    Complete 1 year of internship in India
  •    To register with MCI as a medical practitioner


Famous Quotation of Don Vicente Gullas from his book The Art of living well “With God’s inspiration as my guiding light, someday among thousands of VI and UV Gullas students and alumni, I hope to produce Kings and Queens who will never wear crowns but shall be royal just the same; And when I shall be dead, I wish that my life will not be a tale that is told – a dream empty and forgotten, I wish it to be a prayer, or a song of love and usefulness, even if only to kindle the heart of fire in the soul of some weakling or some unfortunate being who have still the spark and image of God in them.”

  •    Lady Josefina R. Gullas

Board of Trustees

The governance of the UV Gullas College of medicine is vested by law in its board of trustees. Inside the limits set via the state constitution and federal and state laws, the board of trustees is the very last authority in all matters affecting the institution and exercises jurisdiction over the institution's monetary, academic, and different rules and its relation with a nation and federal governments. UV Gullas College of Medicine is run by the Trustees (Chairman Name), who are elected by the Members. Meet our board of trustees below.

  •    Dr. EDUARDO R. GULLAS- President
  •    Dr. JOSE "Dodong" R. GULLAS- Executive VP and VP Finance
  •    Dr. GLICERIA GULLAS-LUCERO- Comptroller & Senior Vice-President


UV Gullas College of Medicine

Following features are the special at UVGCM considered best place from other medical colleges. We assist our students well for their career opportunities.

  •    Guaranteed admission
  •    Approved by MCI & WHO
  •    No entrance
  •    Affordable Tuition fee
  •    More than 90% success rate in MCI screening test
  •    100% VISA & counseling help
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