UV Gullas College of Medicine Objectives

Our Objectives

The main goal is to ensure UV Gullas College of Medicine’s position as a research-oriented, international level institution of higher education. We strive to achieve the following goals.

  UV Gullas College of Medicine belongs to the royal circle of family and hence excels in presenting educational by using broadening the student view via making ready them to face the career challenges. The students are made to be splendid personality’s through the continuous learning method at the side of the leadership talent development. UV Gullas holds the principles of love and humanity carrier based totally at the education regarding the community development along with the socio-economic development packages.

  Become a base for the education of competent and innovative professionals in the field of Philippines medicine.

  Become a base for historical past and development of Philippines medicine.

  End up an innovation base for Philippines medical knowledge and technologies.

  Build a base for the prevention and treatment of severe and complicated illnesses.

  Build a humanities base for the dissemination of Philippines medication tradition. Build a window for international cooperation in the area of Philippines medicine.

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