UV Gullas College of medicine
is the World's Premier Research Institution Since 1919 in Philippines.

Make Your Dream Comes True!

Low Fees Structure

Worldwide Recognition

Teaching In English

No Donation

The Indian students who are expats abroad, are given a very affordable fee structure by the overseas universities, when compared to the students who enroll for medical courses in India and, UVGCM is no exception to this.

UVGCM universities are approved and recognized by top organizations like MCI, WHO which accredits the qualification and candidature awarded to the medical students by UV Gullas College of Medicine.

Our medium of instruction is English across all the universities, under our banner. Hence, there is no compelling need for students to learn the course in foreign languages

We do not demand anybody, for reason whatsoever, for any kind of Donation or Monetary contribution. Students have to pay only the tuition fee to the university and there is no extra fee payment in the name of Donation.

About UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine is a leading medical institution at Philippines, acknowledged as a centre for excellence for Medical Education and allied Research. We have been active in the field of Medical Research and Education since 1919. UVGCM is recognized by the MCI, for conducting both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the medical arena.

Aspiring students who wish to do medical programs abroad, specifically MBBS, can choose UV Gullas College of Medicine at Philippines. We offer superior and very high quality of education in a safe environment to all expats and international students, like none other foreign institute.  The fee is very reasonable when compared to many other medical colleges and institutions. The Medical degree obtained from UV Gullas Medical College (Philippines) is globally accredited and recognised. This kind of global acceptance helps graduated medical students from UVGCM to land up in best opportunities across the globe. We take pride in providing state of the art training at international standards, to develop sensitive and proactive minds, which are the most important, for any medically qualified personnel.

    •   UV Gullas College of Medicine helps students to excel in the field of medicine and broadens their attitude and outlook to be better professionals

     We create outstanding minds and personalities through our learning methodologies, alongside leadership development.

 UV Gullas Medical College offers some of the most superior and outstanding medical programs and degree, in order to help students, achieve their dreams in medical science.

UV Gullas College of Medicine has been one of the stalwarts of Philippines since 1919. By offering a unique medical curriculum and, a rich diversity of degree program choices, UVGCM has made itself a legacy of innovation and novelty.  Our medical graduates are working all over the world in varied positions as doctors, surgeons, and researchers, carrying the proud tag of UV Gullas Medical College.

As a future doctor, communication, observation, and interaction will be the most important tools that help you become one of the best doctors. When you hold a MBBS degree from abroad, you are exposed to different cultures, languages, and people. On the other hand, most of the MBBS colleges abroad do not have any donation or capitation fee. There is no entrance test required too, to secure an admission in an MBBS college, like UV Gullas Medical College.

UV Gullas College of Medicine has a well-established world-class infrastructure, that includes fully equipped and air-conditioned labs, well – ventilated Classrooms, with huge modern projectors. Most International medical aspirants choose UV Gullas Medical College, as it remains one of the top-ranked colleges in Philippines for Medicine.

Studying MBBS is a dream for most of the students in India. When you do MBBS in Philippines, the fee structure is very reasonable and affordable when compared to many other countries. The students who pursue Medicine at UV Gullas Medical College are recognized globally, including the Indian Medical Council.  Our UV Gullas Students are exposed to a very relaxed with the friendly environment which will help them perform better in their academics and studies

UVGCM was formed in order to deliver the best learning platform in leadership, medical expertise, and, associated healthcare research /activities, to ensure the highest quality in deliverance of medical service and help. The principal aim of UV Gullas College of Medicine will be, to have a committed plan and strategy towards the development and implementation methodologies in medical care. UVGCM continue to strive hard to promote the ongoing quality improvements in medical education and service.

UV Gullas College of Medicine was founded in 1919. Late Don Vicente A. Gullas and, his wife Ms. Dona Josefina Gullas, were the prominent people and prime reason for the creation of this leading Institution.

UV Gullas Medical College is accredited by recognised Medical forums and bodies across the globe. UVGCM is approved by various commissioned bodies of higher education such as MCI, FAIMER, CHED, and ECFMG in Philippines etc. All the protocols followed at UV Gullas College of Medicine are, as per the SOPs defined by MCI.

By statute, the governance of the UV Gullas Medical College is bestowed on the board of trustees.  These Trustees of UV Gullas, who were elected by its members, are as follows

  • Dr. EDUARDO R. GULLAS- President
  • Dr. JOSE “Dodong” R. GULLAS- Executive VP and VP Finance
  • Dr. GLICERIA GULLAS-LUCERO- Comptroller & Senior Vice-President



Making a career in Medicine could be challenging and tough, and picking the right college is as challenging as that. Majority of students look for reputed colleges which are ranked high with a reasonable fee structure. Most of the aspiring medical students look for Philippines based medical colleges, as they offer world-class education with superlative teaching in the English language. UV Gullas Medical College offers the best education for medicine, at Philippines. The pattern of education followed in UVGCM is at international standards and this is an added highlight to international students, who aspire to study MBBS at Philippines.

UV Gullas College remains the top most choice for medical applicants. The unending desire of medical candidates for higher education or research in the field of medicine is fulfilled at UVGCM. UV Gullas college of medicine, continues to be the best platform for students to gain relevant knowledge in the field of medical science. We focus on the quality of the students, by building them as real professionals.

Boons of studying MBBS at UV Gullas Medical College:

 Pleasant weather conditions as it is in India
An MBBS degree from Philippines, particularly from, UVGCM provides boundless opportunities in the field of medical care and service.
The cost of living and fee structure is affordable, accommodation is budget-friendly and on the whole living at Philippines, makes life easy and simple.
The, US based Educational Pattern, is very encouraging with very high standards
100% VISA & Counselling service is provided as you enroll into UV Gullas.
We ensure more than 90% success rate in MCI screening test.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines

Similar tropical weather as India

MBBS from Philippines provides Opportunities for growth

MBBS in Philippines is Affordable, accommodation & budget-friendly living costs.

US-based Education Pattern

100% VISA & counseling help.

More than 90% success rate in MCI screening test.

Salient Features of UV Gullas College of Medicine

UVGCM has some really special and amazing features which makes it the best place when compared to other medical colleges. We assist our students with a great career, through our stupendous coaching.

We are one of the MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Philippines
We offer Guaranteed admissions to the right student
No eye- wash entrance exams
The Total MBBS fee structure at UV Gullas is affordable and reasonable for Indian Students.
There is no language barrier and communication is made effective, by using a universal language like English.
The Hostel Facilities offered by UVGCM are very safe and secured
Scholarship facilities are made available for all foreign and expat students


Welcome to the Department of UVGCM.

Our Expertise

UV Gullas Medical College in philippines will provide you high-quality education with skilled experts in medicine whos are eager to help you to comprehend your dream of turning into a medical practitioner. We are the Best Medical Faculty in Philippines. Study MBBs In top rated medical college in Abroad. Join MBBS in Philippines best medical college at low fee, but the quality of education is high. The candidates are not required to get PASS any entrance test for Admission in Abroad.

About Us

UV Gullas College of Medicine is a premier medical institute in Philippines acknowledged as a center of excellence for education and research. We are helping students like you to discover numerous educational opportunities, since 1919. UV Gullas Medical College is recognized by the MCI for conducting undergraduate and various postgraduate medical courses.

Our Mission & Vision

UV Gullas Medical College Mission is to make contributions to society through the pursuit of education, getting to know and research at the very best worldwide tiers of excellence. UV Gullas Medical College vision is to create competent Doctors through a standard of education, create a model for medical care, medical education, and medical research and prevent illness, and educating the rural masses about health and its importance.

Our Board of Trustees

The elected members of the UV Gullas Medical College’s Curriculum Board of Trustees are business executives, community leaders, pooling their wealth of knowledge and experience to enhance our mission and help shape our future. Trustees also provide advice and leadership in fundraising and the strategic projects of UVGCM.

Our Infrastructure and Education

UV Gullas College of Medicine has a well-established world-class infrastructure that includes fully equipped labs; Classrooms are huge with modern projectors and stuff, air-conditioned. The primary goal of this institution will be pursued through a commitment to the development and implementation of an effective evaluation strategy that will promote ongoing quality improvements in Medical education.

World Ranking

Each institution was ranked according to a methodology evaluating four scholarly indicators: academic reputation, reputation of the employer, study quotations per article, and H-index (measuring the productivity and effect of a scientist’s published articles). UV Gullas Also world ranked medical college in Philippines. UV Gullas Also world ranked medical college in the Philippines.


Everything is costly starting from the educational fee to the expense of the hostel and mess. In India, every year many dreams of becoming a doctor or medical professional shatter owing to the parent’s inability to pay such a heavy amount. The Academic and Hostel Fee are very small for all learners at UV Gullas Medical College Admission Fees Structure.


There are around 10,000 Indian Students study MBBS in Abroad universities every year. MCI has approved more than 200 universities across the world. UV Gullas College Of medicine is one of the best MCI Approved Medical Colleges. Students eligible for scholarships are helped with financial assistance.


Separate hostel for male and female learners in UV Gullas medical college Hostel Campus itself. The space is clean and well maintained and comfortable. Adequate number of international standard hostels for undergraduate and postgraduate learners of all disciplines. All hostels have uninterrupted power supply.


There is no need to write entrance exams for admission at UV Gullas Medicine College NEET Exam and learners can get free consultation and advice for admission. No need to qualify for admission to MBBS course. Admission process is based on 12th marks. It also makes aspirants extra assured and decided.

Student Testimonials

George Dabis

UVGCM provides quality education in the field of medical @ Philippines country, I would like to thank Lincoln American University for helping me in making my dream come true to become a doctor.

Raga Mali

I chose UV Gullas College of Medicine in Philippines because I wished to study at a top university in Philippines. It gives a international-elegance schooling as you are taught by means of renowned instructors in incredible centres and this explains its worldwide recognition.

Divya Vijayan

Joining UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus is the best decision I have made. Through the Basic Science program at UVGCM, you will develop a solid foundation upon which to build your clinical knowledge.

Mamtha Banu

I love how practical the course is. Our tutors supported and guided us throughout the course and really helped us build career in medical field.

MBBS – Medical College Admissions in India 2021 (State-wise)

Every Indian State conducts their own MBBS entrance examination. Below are the details of the State Wise Medical Admission Entrance Exam conducted for Medical Professionals.

India is a land filled with different types of political governance and private colleges/universities, where learners can pursue their medicine. On the flip side, MBBS nowadays is a trend among learners. Some reputed universities, like the UV Gullas college of Medicine, provide an internship facility post the course completion in Medicine. Interested applicants can obtain full data on Indian MBBS Admission 2021 through this article.

If you are a dedicated candidate looking for MBBS admission, then you are at the right place. We are here to guide you through the 2021 MBBS entrance procedure and would make sure you’ve effectively qualified for some of India’s renowned medical colleges like UV Gullas College of Medicine, Philippines. Stay tuned to UV Gullas College of Medicine Admission process, for more information on admission to MBBS.

S. No. Medical to 2021  Admissions
1  Andhra Pradesh MBBS Admission 2021
2  Assam MBBS Admission 2021
3  Bihar MBBS Admission 2021
4  Chhattisgarh MBBS Admission 2021
5  DU MBBS Admission 2021
6  Goa MBBS Admission 2021
7  Haryana MBBS Admission 2021
8  J & K MBBS Admission 2021
9  Jharkhand MBBS Admission 2021
10  Karnataka MBBS Admission 2021
11  Kerala MBBS Admission 2021
12 Madhya Pradesh MBBS Admission 2021
13  Maharashtra MBBS Admission 2021
14  Odisha MBBS Admission 2021
15  Punjab MBBS Admission 2021
16  Rajasthan MBBS Admission 2021
17 Telangana MBBS Admission 2021
18 Tripura MBBS Admission 2021
19 Tamil Nadu MBBS Admission 2021
20 Uttar Pradesh MBBS Admission 2021
21 Uttarakhand MBBS Admission 2021
22 West Bengal MBBS Admission 2021
23 Sikkin MBBS Admission 2021
24 Manipur MBBS Admission 2021
25 Nagaland MBBS Admission 2021
26 Miloran MBBS Admission 2021
27 Meghalaya MBBS Admission 2021  
28 Himachal Pradesh MBBS Admission 2021
29 Arunachal Pradesh MBBS Admission 2021


In developed countries, the demand for qualified and semi-skilled experts is growing. UV Gullas applicants can, therefore, search for possibilities to study abroad and create a successful career. Stay tuned to UV Gullas College of Medicine Admission Office for more information on admission to MBBS