UV Gullas College of Medicine in Philippines

AboutHealth and hygiene are the cornerstones of national priority as a developing country. Statistics show that unhealthy living conditions lead to diseases and epidemics when so many people live below their poverty line unless a proactive approach is implemented by the medical community. With these in mind, the Faculty of Medical Sciences has foun[…]

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UV Gullas College of Medicine - MCI Approved

MBBSAn MBBS is a Bachelor s program for students who want to fulfill a doctorate s dream. MBBS full form and meaning: a bachelor s degree in medical science and a bachelor s degree in surgery. A person who holds an MBBS degree is a licensed physician. MBBS program lasts five years and six months with one year of revolving internship with non-profit[…]

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UV Gullas Medical College Campus

UV GULLAS - CAMPUSUV Gullas College of Medicine is tailored medical training, translation studies and patient care, all within an integrated community of excellence. In a few years uv college of medicine, with generous support, has built up a reputation for outstanding, student-focused education that attracts numerous highly talented students. Hosp[…]

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MBBS in Abroad UV Gullas College of Medicine

MBBS in AbroadThere is an opportunity for many students to become a doctor. The rise in the percentage annually of students is indicative of the increased interest of students in the medical sector. But the known fact is that it involves a lot of pressure and money to become a doctor. That is because there are fewer seats available in UV Gullas Col[…]

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UV Gullas Medical College Reviews and Overviews

Uv Gullas overviewUV Gullas medical college is a private, non-profit university in the city of Cebu, Central Visayas, in the urban environment. In the following locations, this institution has a branch campus: Banilad. The UV Gullas is an extremely large coeducational institution that has been officially accredited and/or recognized by the Commissi[…]

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mbbs philippines uvgcm-uv gullas college of medicine

MBBS in Philippines                               MBBS Philippines is the best destination for Indian scholars to study medical colleges like mbbs Philippines UV Gullas college of medicine. More members of students arrived across nations such as the USA, UK, G[…]

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