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UV Gullas Medical College Campus

UV Gullas Medical College Campus


UV Gullas College of Medicine is tailored medical training, translation studies and patient care, all within an integrated community of excellence. In a few years uv college of medicine, with generous support, has built up a reputation for outstanding, student-focused education that attracts numerous highly talented students. Hospital is one of India s most important institutions for teaching and medical care. UV Gullas Medicine is a proportion of well-trained, highly-qualified, technologically advanced faculty members. It also offers enough non-technical staff to provide a self-learning environment for the students. The UV Gullas Medical College is approved by the Medical Council of India to accept many M.B.B.S students each year. Medical campus students learn from the state-of-the-art facilities which they draw on their experience. A large medical collection is offered in the library, while research areas give a small chance to read the books. Students are increasing their awareness of human patient simulators.

Medical students will collaborate with professors and who advance medical practice by gaining new knowledge about diabetes, cancer, tropical parasite infections, gene regulations and more. The Medical Scientist Trainer Program (MSTP) is an indicator of our success in the area of science education and provides students career as a medical scientist in Chicago. MSTP offers a degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Microbiology & Immunology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, and Physiology as well as Biophysics, in the university academy divisions of UV Gullas Medical College.



The UVGCM building is a carefully designed facility that shows the importance of a modern hospital with a specialty and 1200 beds adjacent to it. The seating arrangement in the lecture hall allows students to see the staff and teaching aids without any hindrance from all sides.  The teaching clinic offers a variety of medical specialties, advanced testing services with comprehensive focus and a new hospital with all the amenities. The hospital offers every modern convenience at a single place, which provides medical services with an additional advantage.




UV Gullas Medical College offers the best on-campus hostel accommodation for boys and girls and a separate hostel off-campus 1. Hostel management always strives to meet the needs of hostel owners so that they are at home and caregivers, taking care of everyday activities. The hostels provide the bed, study table, chair and cupboard for each student if you wish to know how your beloved child is doing it. Such hostels have a study room, public telephone, entertainment, and television room. We are also well-equipped. Every hostel has its own way of serves food suitable for every taste and ensures a variety of food in UV gullas college of medicine hostel lifestyle.

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