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UV Gullas College Of Medicine Admission

UV Gullas College Of Medicine Admission

Medical Colleges Students

India Medical Colleges are classified into 3 classifications: Deemed, Private  & Government. There are 48 medical schools with the largest amount compared to any other country in Abroad. Most of the schools are private & deemed medical schools in Philippines.

Private & Deemed medical schools in Philippines also have seats for learners outside the country looking to enter programs such as MBBS, BDS, MD MS & MDS. With students enhanced interest in medical flow, the amount of medical schools is growing day by day, as is the case in India.

In Philippines, there are many Deemed Medical Colleges that provide best-skilled physicians each year. These schools serve them almost to become a qualified physician for undergraduate and graduate learners. I m here with a comprehensive list of all India Medical Colleges, to assist learners aspiring.

I listed all of the medical schools in this article along with some significant information; you can also visit the website of the college to learn more about the college and the method of entry.


Top Philippine Medical Schools


UV Gullas College of Medicine (UVGCM)



Number of Examinees




Passing Percentage



List Of UV Gullas Medical Colleges Students in Philippines (Updated 2018)

Students Study in MBBS @ UVGCM (Chennai Districts)


1) Student Name:  Preetha

Area:  Student from Avadi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Feed-Back:  UV Gullas is Philippines finest platform for world-class learning and training. And in Climate and Comparable to Philippines.


2) Student Name:  Vanitha

Area:  Student from Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Feed-Back:   UV Gullas is the medical college of the greatest and oldest university visaya in the Philippines, even students from the USA have been researched and are now well-recognized physicians in the United States.


3) Student Name:  Gubbala Usha Sri

Area:  Student from Thiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Feed-Back:   The University of UV Gullas College of Medicine, 100 years ancient, draws most international learners to study medicine in the Philippines today.



Sree Towers, 100 Feet Road, 

Vadapalani Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India-600026.

Call Us:  +91 944 466 6890


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