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Benefits Of UV Gullas College Of Medicine

Benefits Of UV Gullas College Of Medicine


                    UV Gullas College of medicine is one of the Philippines biggest medical colleges. This variety contributes to the College of Medicine s wealthy instructional experience. Offer countless clinical teaching and study possibilities. Our renowned faculty adds to the reputation of the college as one of the top medical education institutions for both undergraduate and graduate. The residency programs of the College have highly sought after.

UV Gullas Medical College is dedicated to offering the UV gullas medical college infrastructure that provides a variety of teaching possibilities. To practice medicine, students acquire a wide variety of understanding, abilities, and behaviors. The curriculum was thoroughly designed to balance subject-specific classes, incorporated blocks of material, and clinical experiences.


      •     The Best Teaching and training tomorrow s doctors, researchers, and health practitioners.

      •     Advancing understanding through impactful, creative studies.

      •     Improving health and well-being through sympathetic, patient-centered care.

      •     Low and affordable fee structure in  Uv gullas college fee structure.



                • Complete at least six years of research successfully. This is by effectively finishing several authorized units from the UVGCM, a set of certified units from the mandatory classes held at the Medical College as well as certified units from their selected discipline.

                    • Complete clinical preparation during the year of internship. The student will exercise the understanding and abilities he has acquired in a hospital during this year through the practical clinical job.



                       UV Gullas College of Medicine Admission at the University of UV gullas has a long tradition of educating excellent skills and leaders in biomedical and academic medicine studies. The College of Medicine strives to provide an atmosphere that is exciting and difficult to prepare graduates for clinical practice requirements. We pick learners with each incoming class to assist promote this task.

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