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UV Gullas College Of Medicine - MCI Approved

UV Gullas College Of Medicine - MCI Approved


An MBBS is a Bachelor s program for students who want to fulfill a doctorate s dream. MBBS full form and meaning: a bachelor s degree in medical science and a bachelor s degree in surgery. A person who holds an MBBS degree is a licensed physician. MBBS program lasts five years and six months with one year of revolving internship with non-profit organizations (NGOs), clinics, health centers, and UV Gullas medical campus. The course curriculum MBBS covers anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, environmental and social medicine, pediatrics, and surgical studies. The course is recommended so that MBBS students can choose a specialty in both specialized and practical medicine. The MBBS students specialize in nephrology, cardiology, gynecology, anesthesiology, transplantation of the liver, endocrine, and general surgery. the UV Gullas college of medicine is the best MBBS College in The Philippines.

MBBS in the Philippines

For those who want to represent humanity and those who have a rational conscience, MBBS is fine. MBBS is the most common medical degree in the Philippines. It is mandatory to become an allopathic doctor MBBS. Applicants provide a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the human body, realistic body dissection experience and various types of operations. Although MBBS implementation has been indicated, MBBS is not accessible through distance learning. Through correspondence in the Philippines, the MBBS system of Max Healthcare and the UV Gullas medical college were regularly interconnected with the Medical Council of India[ MCI]. MCI is a medical institution that maintains high medical education requirements, both undergraduate and postgraduate.


UV Gullas Medical College is one of the Philippine s best-known medical education centers. the medical office the seed for this institution. The famous medical college is now located in the Philippines. The College is connected to the well-known UV Gullas Hospital with 1280 hospital beds. The hospital receives nearly 5000 patients every day. The 8-story activity complex is different and can be used to conduct up to 40 operations simultaneously, a new-story medical complex and a separate pediatric building with all specialties under one roof. The well-known Departments of UV Gullas College of medicine are Surgical Gastroenterology and the Institute for Manual Rehabilitation and Plastic Surgery. The RSRM Clinic is also linked to obstetrics and gynecology services. The Department of Plastic Surgery and the Center for Research and Rehabilitation in Southeast Asia (IRRH & DPS).

Eligibility for UVGCM

An applicant who was 17 years of age on or before the following year of 31 December shall be qualified for acceptance. The dates of birth as registered by the Board of Education concerned/ 10th Standard / School Leaving Certificate shall be considered authentic.
After study, the final two years of the physics, chemistry and biology studies or any other elective subject with English, at a standard not less than the basic English courses prescribed at the National State, the candidates must have passed a high school examination  equivalent to the 10+ 2 Higher Secondary Examination For admission, UV Gullas college of medicine in Philippines

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