Why MBBS in Philippines is better than MBBS in Russia & China

Why MBBS in Philippines is better than MBBS in Russia & China

Over the last 20 years, the Philippines has become the most trusted country to study MBBS abroad by students from all over the world, especially Indian MBBS aspirants.

The medical universities in Philippines have brought in some of the most advanced learning methodologies in the MBBS programs from all over the world. Philippines medical colleges have consistently proven themselves as the leaders in the field of medical education and research. 

Studying MBBS in the Philippines gives a truly international experience for Indian students, at the same time maintaining a little bit of familiarity because the Philippines is almost close to India in terms of climate characteristics and kind, friendly people.

Let us look at some of the reasons why Indian students prefer choosing the Philippines to study MBBS abroad than other countries such as Russia, China, Ukraine, etc:


1. Tropical climate conditions in Philippines is more suitable for Indian students

Philippines has tropical weather conditions that are similar to India. 

Students feel like it is almost like living in India. This helps them become accustomed to a foreign country quickly. 

Whereas students who study in countries such as Russia, China, Ukraine, etc are unable to handle the extreme cold climate in those countries. Indian students suffer so much in the extreme cold weather. Some students even discontinue their studies and come back home.

In the pleasant weather in Philippines, Indian students don’t get sick like the cold countries. Indian students studying MBBS in the Philippines find it easier to focus on their studies better because of the mild, tropical & pleasant climate conditions.

Disease patterns are same in Philippines!

Since the tropical climate of the Philippines is the same as in India, the disease patterns learned in the Philippines and their treatment is the same as in India. 

This helps our Indian MBBS students to complete the course and start practicing in India almost immediately after their graduation. Indian students from Philippines don’t find any trouble in adapting to the patients in India and their patterns of illnesses, unlike students from cold countries.


2. Indian students don't have language problems in Philippines

Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world.

Russia & China demands that you learn their local language. Great thing about studying MBBS in the Philippines is that Indian students don’t have to learn a new language, unlike Russia & China. 


In Philippines medical colleges, all the classes will be in English and 99% of the population of the Philippines speak English. Indian students applying for MBBS in the Philippines need not learn any new language. 

Indian students also do not have to write any English language qualifying exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 


Indian students can understand their teachers very clearly in Philippines. English spoken in Philippines doesn’t have any difficult accents. They won’t feel alienated like in other countries.

Watch this video to see Indian students thriving as MBBS students in the most popular medical colleges in Philippines:

3. Affordable fee structure in Philippines

MBBS fee structure in Philippines is low and affordable to Indian students. MBBS tuition fee in Philippines starts from Rs.16 lakhs for the entire course duration of 5.5 years. Depending on the calibre of the university, the tuition fee can go up to 24 lakhs.

Even though Russia & China offer MBBS fee structure in similar figures, the cost of living is high in those countries.

The cost of living, accommodation and food cost are very less in the Philippines, unlike countries like the UK, Russia, China. Indian students can have a higher standard of living in Philippines with all comforts like fully air-conditioned rooms, etc, at a low cost!

The food and accommodation expenses in the Philippines would be almost equal to the expenses you would spend in a private college in India. 

For example, typical MBBS fee structure for a top medical college in Philippines, like UV Gullas College of Medicine, would look like as follows. You can clearly see how affordable is the Rs. 2.7 lakh/year tuition fee is!

Academic YearTuition Fee in Indian Rupee (Approx. INR Value)
For 3 Semester and 1 SummerINR 6,75,000
MD - 1st yearINR 2,98,000
MD - 2nd YearINR 2,70,000
MD - 3rd YearINR 2,70,000
MD - 4th YearINR 2,70,000
Total Tuition Fee at UV Gullas College of Medicine for 5.5 years:INR 17,83,000

4. American-based education system with hands-on clinical practice

MBBS in Philippines is taught based on an US-based MBBS curriculum! 

Students who graduate from American based medical syllabus are highly wanted in all countries for various job positions. American syllabus students also get more opportunities for higher studies easily. Even in India, students who graduate MBBS from American based syllabus are highly paid than European or Chinese based medical graduates.

MBBS Universities in the Philippines also include advanced digital tools in the learning methodologies. Philippines universities are equipped with new-age digital infrastructure like Anatomage table, Simulation labs, etc, that will give the students an exposure to truly world-class educational experience. 

A more practical based medical education system is followed in Philippines medical colleges!


These days, hospitals all over the world and higher education institutions prefer MBBS graduates with extensive practical clinical training. 

Most MBBS universities in the Philippines follow a very practical-based medical education system. A complete real-world experience in clinical training is provided by universities in the Philippines by entering in tie-ups with some of the most reputed hospitals in the Philippines. This kind of extensive clinical training helps our students get job offers easily from hospitals in the US, UK, Australia and India.

Watch this video to understand how MBSS universities in Philippines offer a betterpractical based curriculum with more clinical training than countries like Russia or China.


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