The abbreviation MBBS expands itself to mean Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery procedure. Because the history of the abbreviation is going it is able to be broken as MB which means Medicinae Baccalaureus and B.S. Which means bachelor of surgery. One of the best prestigious degree no longer only of the latest instances however considering the fact that generations, MBBS is one of the most reputed in addition to one of the greatest and tough courses of higher studies. The seriousness and importance of this degree may be analysed through the reality that that is an amalgamation of two fundamental levels in the subject of medical, included in a single domain. At UV Gullas college of Medicine MBBS is an undergraduate instructional degree course that involves the examine of medication and surgery. This route aims to give an academic know-how of ideas like medicine, chemistry human anatomy, human cytology, pharmaceutical, chemistry, capsules method & impact and method of surgery through theoretical and realistic reviews. Allow us to look at the MBBS course duration and structure.

MBBS Course Duration

The duration of MBBS course is stated to be a five years and six months course which includes one year of obligatory rotating internship, so genuinely, the academic direction length stands at four and a half years which is shipped in 9 semesters. The Medical Council of India formulates and handles the MBBS direction structures due to the fact it's far the handiest approved frame of scientific course in India. Unavailable in a distance direction many college students are visible taking up MBBS direction after their high secondary, this suggests that regardless of how difficult it appears it attracts a huge segment of college students who have a bent for science.

MBBS Employment Areas


  Self-Owned Clinics.


  Biomedical Companies

  Nursing Homes

  Medical Colleges.

  Medical Trusts

   Health Centres.

   Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies.


  Research Institutes.

MBBS Job Profiles

  Junior doctors.



  Junior Surgeons.

  Medical Professor or Lecturer.



  Anaesthetist/ Anaesthesiologist.



  Medical Analyst.


  Medical Analyst.

  Medical Reviewer.

  Clinical Research Field.


  Chief Medical Officer.


  N.T Specialist.



  General Surgeon.


  Hospital Administrator.

  Medical Admitting Officer.








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